Tee Shirts and Aprons

All shirts are 100% cotton.

I Brake For Boiled Peanuts

This black-on-white tee shirt has the famous bumper sticker exclamation above a picture of a classic muscle car braking hard.

  • $22.00, sizes S, M and XL

    Simple Fresh Southern

    Show your colors! The official tee of the new cookbook, printed in on a white tee shirt with navy rings.

  • $18.00, size S, M and L

    NEW! Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen apron

    This limited edition apron features the classic Charleston hand-lettered "Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen" graphics, as appear on the cover of the new cookbook. Printed in mixed blues on a natural, creamy 100% cotton apron with 2 pockets and drawstrings. The size of this apron is Medium, but shrinks to something closer to Medium-Small, since it's unbleached 100% cotton!

  • $26.00

    Piggly Wiggly

    Red pig face logo on white shirt. Slogan, "I'm Big On The Pig," printed on back.

  • $28.00, size Small only!

    The Bumper Sticker

    The original "I Brake For Boiled Peanuts" bumper sticker, for safety's sake.

  • $2.00 for one, $9 for five and $16 for 10
    Note For Customers Ordering Bumper Stickers Only: If ordering fewer than five stickers, simply mail a check or money order to Boiled Pnut Pride, P.O. Box 315, Charleston, SC 29402; if ordering five or more bumper stickers, you may place your order here.

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