Soups and Staples

Mrs. Fearnow's
Brunswick Stew

Though Brunswick Stew has many variations, Fearnow's is, without a doubt, the finest chicken-based (no squirrel) commercial recipe, from Hope Farm, Virginia.

  • two 20 oz cans $19.00

Red Field Peas

If you make hoppin' john with black eyed peas, you've been making it wrong. These beautiful dried "red" field peas are the correct ingredient. Recipe included on the bag.

  • two 1 lb bags $14.00

Purple Hull Peas

A late August display of Southern peas wouldn't be complete without purple hulls, which have a more robust flavor than other peas. Serve warm as a side dish or incorporate into a cold salad.

  • three 14 oz cans $19.00

NEW! White Acre Peas

White Acre Peas are a heritage pea that is still put up by McCall Farms, in Effingham, South Carolina. Pearly white and tender, more delicate than a butterbean put perfectly flavorful and rare. Serve warm as a side dish with a pat of butter, or incorporate into a cold salad.

  • three 14 oz cans $19.00

Duke's Mayonnaise

The "homemade-style" flavor of Mama Duke's recipe has been a sensation in the South for half a century. Natural ingredients, no added sugars.

  • two qt jars $19.00


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