Let us be your guides to the vibrant food culture of our hometown!

The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen is our most personal book yet. With these stories and recipes, we show you what it was like to grow up here and how the food life of Charleston helped make us the cookbook authors we are today. We introduce you to our friends who make living in the Lowcountry so delicious, as well as important figures from the city's culinary past, who inspire us to have fun in the kitchen. In the new book, we deliver the city's most iconic dishes done right--She-Crab Soup, Hoppin' John, Huguenot Torte--but we also reacquaint home cooks with Lowcountry preparations that have been lost to time, like Groundnut Cakes, Syllabub, and Peach Leather. Ever tasted Salsify "Oysters," that 19th-century knockout? You will! Although we knew our subject well when we set out to write the book, we took nothing for granted in our research and in developing the recipes. We interviewed home cooks, chefs, farmers, fishermen, caterers, and funeral directors to get the most accurate--and at the same time very intimate--perspective on Charleston foodways. Our new book is fully illustrated, with food photographs by Squire Fox, archival photos, as well as snapshots of the sort we take daily as we walk around Charleston. There are also Walking Tour and Driving Tour maps that correspond to recipes, because the food culture here is so tied to home kitchens that most recipes can be traced to a specific house!

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Praise for the Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen:

"The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen is a work of art; it brings the city of Charleston to every home lucky enough to own this book."
-Pat Conroy

"This beautiful, charming, witty, nostalgic edition is filled with delicious memories. I remember the cheese dip at Henry's, the pickle barrel at Harold's Cabin--every page holds some piece of our lives. Buy this book even if you don't cook. It's just that wonderful."
-Dorothea Benton Frank

"Charleston may be America's most charming city, and in this delicious book the Lee brothers have captured its soul. This is the South seen through a different lens, a place filled with fresh fish, heirloom vegetables, and recipes handed from one generation to the next. Reading through these recipes, I found myself wanting to run into the kitchen and cook every one."
-Ruth Reichl


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