Mrs. Sassard's Hot Pepper Jelly

Hot pepper jelly, made with fresh jalapenos, is a fantastic hors d'oeuvre when paired with cream cheese on a cracker. Ask any Charleston host or hostess!

  • two 10 oz jars $19.00

Mrs. Sassard's Artichoke Relish

Jerusalem artichoke makes a delicous Southern relish, and in Mrs. Sassard's hands, it's superlative. A traditional topper for hot dogs and ham sandwiches, or blend a couple tablespoons into a cup of mayo for an instant tartar sauce for fried fish.

  • two 10 oz jars $19.00

Mrs. Sassard's Onion Relish

Sweet Granex onions make this homemade-style relish exceptionally flavorful.

  • two 10 oz jars $19.00

Mrs. Sassard's Green Tomato Relish

Tart, firm green tomatoes make the most iconic Southern relish, with extra pucker. This chunky relish adds zest to a plate of fried fish, crab or shrimp. Blended into mayonnaise, it makes an outstanding tartar sauce.

  • two 10 oz jars $19.00


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