Lee Bros.®
Pickled Peaches

We commissioned Mrs. Sassard to make these Pickled Peaches by hand from South Carolina peaches, and their flavor is timeless, incomparable.

·       one quart jar $23.00


NEW! Pickled
Green Beans

These slender, tender green beans still have a distinctive pickle crunch. They're savory and addictive. Made with care by Old South, in Alma, Arkansas.

·       two 16 oz jars $22.00


Brussels Sprouts

This new offering from Old South is destined to become a classic. Pickled in the traditional spicy style with vinegar and a hot red pepper

·       two 16 oz jars $22.00


Old South
Okra Pickle

Who said slimy? This crisp, tart okra pickle will astonish you with its versatility--use as an appetizer, hors d'oeuvre and garnish. It's so tasty, it'll become your new stand-by.

·       two 16 oz jars $22.00


Old South
Watermelon Rind Pickle

Southern picklers discovered long ago that the unique texture of watermelon rind makes for an exciting pickle. Tip: use its syrup for a ham glaze or in your own barbecue sauce receipt!

·       two 8 oz jars $19.50


Old South Pickled
Baby Green Tomatoes

Pickled baby green tomatoes--"Tomolives," as Bryant Preserving calls them--are an addictive alternative to gherkins and a perfectly Southern innovation.

·       two 8 oz jars $19.50


Lee Bros.® Pickled Artichoke

Large, crisp lobes of Jerusalem artichoke are a festive and crunchy garnish, or a snack all their own (once you start, it's hard to put down the jar). These Jerusalem artichokes are cut by hand and pickled for us in Lobeco, SC, from local artichokes.

·       one 16 oz jar $19.50


Lee Bros.® Iced Tomato Pickle

Nothing is cooler on a grilled burger than a slice of green tomato, pickled semi-sweet, Southern-style, with a little garlic and coriander seed.

·       one 16 oz jar $19.50



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