Milled Grains

Guilford Mill Stone-ground Grits

The Old Mill at Guilford, in Oak Ridge, NC, s a functioning, 18th century grist-mill. The owners use the heirloom white corn grown on a nearby farm to grind these speckled grits, which are ground to order. Stone grinding corn preserves its mellow flavor and results in a rich, coarse texture unmatched by "instant," machine-ground grits.

  • two 2 lb bags $19.00

Guilford Mill Yellow Cornmeal

Guilford yellow cornmeal is ground from the yellow kernels of the same fine corn from which Guilford grits are made. Freshly, unbleached cornmeal will give your cornbread, battered fish and pork chops an authentic, downhome flavor.

  • two 2 lb bags $19.00

Guilford Hush Puppy Mix

Guilford's mix is better than others because the ingredients are of the highest quality--the cornmeal is especially light and tasty. Cooking tip: fry your fish in the oil before frying your hush puppies.

  • two 2lb bags $19.00


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