Carolina Gold Rice

Carolina Gold is surely the choicest, rarest rice available. It's the original variety imported from Madagascar in the late 1600s and cultivated throughout the Carolina colony. A delicate rice with a nutty flavor and short white grains (it's gold only in the field), Carolina Gold was considered extinct in the 20th century until a Savannah opthalmologist tracked down the few remaining grains in a Texas seed bank and repropagated it. Our Carolina Gold from Darlington County is truly precious because it is South Carolina grown! It's an instant education in how tasty the original, non-hybrid rices can be.

  • Carolina Gold rice. one 2lb bag $18.75

Whole White Hominy

A can of Allen's hominy is a perfect addition to any stew, or great by itself as a warm side dish, with a pat of butter and plenty of black pepper.

  • Whole hominy three 14 oz cans $18.00


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