Barbecue Sauces

Scott's Barbecue Sauce

The Scott family's barbecue sauce is a dried pepper-laced, vinegar-based sauce in the south-central North Carolina style. After a short hiatus, the Scotts reopened their restaurant in Goldsboro last year (Thursdays and Fridays, for lunch), so we're thankful that their sauce lives on!

  • two 1 pt bottles $19.50

Texas Pete Pepper Sauce

Packed with whole tabasco peppers, this classic vinegar is the most versatile sauce available. Though most use pepper sauce to add zip to cooked vegetables and beans, it works well as a tenderizing, clear barbecue sauce.

  • three 4 oz bottles $16.00

Shealy's Bar-B-Q Sauce

Shealy's Bar-B-Q Sauce, manufactured in Leesburg, is the epitome of the South Carolina mustard-based barbecue style. In the classic torpedo-shaped glass bottle.

  • two 1 pt bottles $19.50


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